My name is Marie-Luce, I live near the beautiful and historic city of Versailles, France. I work in a corporate environment as on-line communication officer for an international company in Paris, France.

I have launched Pomponette blog for following reasons: I increasingly feel like creating such a place to write on topics that I am enthusiastic about… topics, which open my eyes and my mind and which make me happy! You might think: “Well, what makes her happy?” Good question! Simple answer: Creativity, sensibility, originality and beauty in design, interiors, fine and applied arts, gastronomy and travel. Pomponette blog is all about that!

In addition, I do admire creative and independent personalities, free from any social conventions and pressure, working hard to manage their own business. Pomponette blog is also a place to introduce such talented people and to share with you their brand and their products.

Thank you so much for visiting Pomponette blog and for making it positive and interactive!


Any comment is welcome. Express yourself!

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